How to Improve IELTS Score of Listening?

The first session of the IELTS test is listening. Listening relates to our hearing. How to improve IELTS score of listening? To the get good score in the listening session, there are some tips that you can do;

Trial Test

The first thing that is important to do is a trial test. Do it as you can and see your score.

Watch a Video

After you get your score of the trial test, you can watch videos related to speaking of IELTS such as Liz and Emma’s videos. Do not forget to make a notebook.

Always Exercise

Exactly, the most important thing to get a high score in listening and other IELTS parts is always practice and exercise. That is the most effective way here. You can ask or share with everyone who has good skill in listening. The only answer that they give is exercise, exercise, and exercise. Listening should be trained every day. You can also look for IELTS materials for listening which explain material fully and in detail. The material book will really help you.

Attention the Listening In Detail. Try To Listen To the Specific Thing

You have to give detail attention to the listening you hear. But, you also have to try to listen to the specific thing. It means that each word should have listened in detail. Be familiar with an accent of British because this accent will make you easy to attentive spelling and words. Before sleeping, you can listen to some listening material such as BBC London or the other materials in the internet.

Pay Attention to the Count Of Spelling

The count of Spelling is important. if you write a word and it is less even only one letter, your answer will be wrong automatically. Example: ‘rabbits’ but you write ‘rabbit’.

Capital Letter

You have to always remember the language rules that you should capital letter in writing some words. Like the words of a name (person, place, day, month, and the others).

Note: do not directly move the answer to your answer form when you are listening to the question because it will disturb you to concentrate. The next, you will get time 10 minutes to write your answer.

Those are the tips on How to improve IELTS score of listening.


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